Crochety Old Woman

Crochety Old Woman

I’ve become a mite obsessive about this whole crochet thing. Since I started thinking about it last month, I’ve managed to dig out my mom’s Complete Guide to Needlework book, bought myself a few crochet needles and some yarn, and crocheted a few items here and there, with about a couple of weeks off to recover from some stiffness in my back, neck, and shoulder that I’m sure came from obsessing about my newfound hobby.

So far, I’ve crocheted a little afghan for the cat (my own design using simple squares), a hooded baby afghan for an expecting friend, a scarf for H.E. (my own design using a woven stitch), and two hats for my mom (using two patterns from her book). I’m in the middle of making a bigger afghan (my own design using a variation of the wave stitch) with about three pounds of blue and white yarn.

Considering I only crochet when I’m taking a break from my computer work or when I’m watching TV, it’s not a bad pace. I’m still learning and relearning, so I’m not going as fast as I would like. My first project was supposed to be a matching scarf and hat from a kit I bought, something I could actually wear, but because I grew too frustrated working in rows and wanted to switch over to rounds (which I thought were easier) before I ran out of yarn making a bunch of swatches I couldn’t stand, I ended up making a cat afghan instead. The squares were easy, but stitching them together was a new experience. I had knots poking out everywhere, which I’m sure would make crochet pros cringe.

If none of what I’m saying makes any sense to you, you have not been introduced to the crochet world. No big loss for you, really, but I’ve been reading a few crochet blogs here and there, and let me tell you: those who are really into crochet are really seriously into crochet.

I’ve been browsing patterns from all over and drooling over product photos of all kinds of yarn, and I already know what 10 or 50 things I want to crochet next. I want to do sweaters, shrugs, dolls, and bags. I want to give handmade gifts to all my friends, in colors they like, styles they prefer, items they want, all custom made, all made with love and a touch of obsession.

I am turning into an old woman—all I need is a rocking chair, a shawl, and perhaps knitting needles instead of a crochet needle. But my hair is already in a bun, I have creaky old bones and a cat, and I’ve been using a bag that Janine made and gave me as a gift at her wedding rehearsal dinner as a knitting/crochet bag.

I am very nearly there.

By the way, if any of you would like a crocheted gift from me, feel free to speak up, and I’ll add it to my growing list.

The obsession needs feeding.

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5 thoughts on “Crochety Old Woman

  1. Hey, knitting is hip. Or haven’t you heard? 😉

    I can’t knit in the summer, though. Never could. I’m looking forward to the weather cooling off so I can get back into it.

  2. Oh, yes. I definitely want to learn how to knit.

    I’m discovering how uncomfortable it IS to work with yarn in the summer. When I rest the bulk of the afghan that I’m working on onto my lap, it gets very warm, almost hot. I’m thinking I should probably work on doilies out of thinner crochet thread in the summertime.

  3. That’s a good hobby. I hope the muscles you’re using are different from those you use when keyboarding. It’s a good exercise for your wrist, and it probably is relaxing. You’ll need a rocking chair, so you can rest the completed section/s on top and outsides of the armrests.

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