Secret Message #1: No Decoder Ring Needed

Secret Message #1: No Decoder Ring Needed

I have this thing for Easter Eggs, which is why in the second and third versions of my site—from way back when—I hid a couple of them for anyone who cared to find them.

Well… I kind of missed doing that, so I worked all month on a secret message for this blog, log, journal, diary, thingamajiggy… whatever the heck this is. Yes, it took me practically forever, but I swear I’m not that slow or stupid. If you can find it, feel free to drop me a line via comments or via e-mail and say, “Hi!” Not only will I appreciate it, but I’ll be duly impressed.

Be quick, though. The next time I post an entry, it won’t be as easy to find; I’ll have moved on to something else. There are just far too many Kodak moments to share.

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11 thoughts on “Secret Message #1: No Decoder Ring Needed

  1. Oh geez, I didn’t even look over there til I read all your hints. 😉 Eh, sometimes things jump right out at me and other times I see ’em only after seriously looking for ’em. Like when you lose your sunglasses, turn your bag inside out looking for ’em, then realize they’re right where you left ’em: pushed off your face, sitting atop your head. Yeah, like that. (Which happens to me more often than I care to admit.)

  2. Ahh, sweet redemption. I looked at this page for a full hour yesterday, scrutinizing everything. Today I thought I’d give it another go and it jumped right out at me. *phew* I don’t feel like a complete idiot anymore… just partial. 😉

  3. I noticed it but I didn’t actually realize that was it until I adjusted my screen (it’s LCD so colors are kinda whack depending on how you look at it). Cute!! =)

  4. Hee! High fives for GeekGrrl and Kate! 😀

    Anyone else before I post something else tonight?

  5. Woohoo! All right, Tony! :o)

    Bonus points to everyone who saw the secret message. Extra big bonus points to Dave, who was the first. Thanks for playing, folks! 😀

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