More Proverbs

More Proverbs

In the spirit of an older post, here are some familiar quotations made unfamiliar. How many can you guess? I’ve made it easy this time by adding a hint in parentheses.

1. Predominant attentions remember equally. (4 words)

2. Gaze in wonder quicker than you pass abruptly from one state to another. (4 words)

3. Conformity to a standard of right is its own recompense. (5 words)

4. Occupy a home and gain knowledge by experience. (3 words)

5. My parties given by friends who bring gifts of a particular kind give birth to May’s best part. (5 words)

6. The most productive of good matters of concern in human activities are not fastened. (7 words)

7. Don’t impose the whole extent of your persons in one receptacle made of interwoven material. (8 words)

8. Make resting worthless people have direction. (4 words)

9. Absence of ceremony engenders lack of respect. (3 words)

10. One more than one in number violations of the legal rights of another do not carry out a true account or correct interpretation. (6 or 7 words)

Bonus points if you solve the unsolved ones from the older post, too.

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17 thoughts on “More Proverbs

  1. I could hardly remember this game.

    5. April showers bring May flowers. [?]
    7. Don’t put your eggs all in one basket.
    10. two wrongs don’t make a right. [but three rights make a left!]

    This one is a bit difficult. I’m not even sure I got these right.

  2. sorry I didn’t read Parl’s 2nd comment there and I thought I had come up with a new one, but then I see he already got it. Back to the drawing board.

  3. I also got the same ones as Parl and Drew (4, 5, 7 and 10) so I had to go back and try again:

    9. Familiarity breeds contempt.

    These are hard!!

  4. Drew, nope.

    Minnie, would it help if I broke it up into the four word parts? Make – resting – worthless people – have direction. Those are the four words. 🙂

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