A Moonless Starry Sky

A Moonless Starry Sky

Here's a hint: Look *past* the stars, or even cross your eyes a little.

When I look up at the starry sky, I see the product of my dreams in bold relief. I often wonder if others see the same, or if their magic eye is sadly blind.

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13 thoughts on “A Moonless Starry Sky

  1. Yay! I had to use the old "Stick your nose against the screen and move back slowly" trick for it to work.

  2. I love these pictures!

    I wonder what a starless moony sky would look like?

  3. My magic eye is, sadly, broken. Or one of them is lazy, anyhow. I have the same problem with 3D movies.

  4. I love these pictures!

    I’d like to see if you could do a Starless Moony Sky.

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