What’s Odd in this Post? I Dare You to Tell Me.

What’s Odd in this Post? I Dare You to Tell Me.

You, who read my log, I know you watch which days get marked as the month flies by. You like that, don’t you? The notes I send you? I’m glad. Keep your eye on it, and I’ll keep it up. You can bet your last buck I’ll have more to say as each month wanes.

Right now I have just one thing to say, and you know I have to tell you that one thing in my own small way. I dare you to find out what it is. I have hints here and there, and it’s in the source if you can’t guess what it might be—but please don’t cheat. You can, but don’t. Think of it as a game.

Plus! Once you get it, why not try it on your own, in your own sweet way? It ain’t a piece of cake, let me tell you—well, no, I lied; for me it is—but I kid you not when I say it’s fun. You should try it. It beats the same ol’, same ol’, that’s for sure. So hop to it then! Be one with me. Play with words. It’s a load of shits and grins, as one might say, and word up!

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9 thoughts on “What’s Odd in this Post? I Dare You to Tell Me.

  1. okay, this marks this first time i have ever printed a post so that i can study it. april, you doll, always something cool to read and now this…..we are honored that you play with us so cleverly.
    later on this challenge – obviously i am not getting it straight off.

  2. Hi, I’ve been here before and looked at your art. It’s nice. I’m here again because apparently you have nice tits and I wanted to see if it was true. I don’t see your tits anywhere though. Could you send me a picture of them. They can be clothed, you don’t have to be naked or anything.


  3. Warren, thanks! 😀
    GeekGrrl, Great job! Woohoo!
    Pam, you’ll get it, sure as rain. Mark my words on this one; you’re smart, and let me count the ways. :o)

    And Slocore? You came here for my tits?! LOL. I find that titillating. How about some ass instead? ;o)

  4. of course! words, one – i did not know how to look as we don’t have these in the south. we add lots to each word and call it a drawl. and you are right. it is hard to do.

  5. Sucked in totally frustrated I hate it. As a newbie here, I haven’t a clue… and I refuse to look at the code!

    Hints of a clue:

    "Mark my words on this one; you’re smart, and let me count the ways. :o)"

    "of course! words, one" from Pam.

    words one / one word / count / one word up!

    It’s making me feel unworthy of being a newbie who can’t even crack some dumb slight of hand word count ggggrr.

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