Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

What is it about men and their egos?

Two weeks ago, it was miniature golf. He said he would cream me, and as it was my first time playing, I believed he would. Well, I sucked, but I still beat him.

One week ago, it was bowling. He was all fired up to slay me, and since I hadn’t been able to break 100 in the last two times I played, I believed he would. Well, he accurately said I had no form and no technique, but I still beat him. Twice even.

So this week, we decided on Trivial Pursuit. He is, after all, the human encyclopedia and a man with a delicate ego. To be safe, he chose the general knowledge version and not the 20th anniversary edition, which no doubt has ’80s trivia I’d actually know. General knowledge? Ick. I’m lousy with names and dates; I expected I’d suck, and I did. But did I beat him?

Good God. What do you think this is, a Hollywood movie?

Of course I didn’t beat him. We’re talking about a man who can actually answer all of the questions on Jeopardy and who read Gray’s Anatomy as a child. For fun. In between reading his entire encylopedia set, from A to Z. How does a person win against a power like that?

Male ego, be appeased; my female ego is yawning and rolling its eyes.

And winking. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

  1. We have to have inflated egos dear. It’s our thin compensation for being 1/2 step lower [biologically] on the evolutionary scale.

  2. A quote I once read (and, remembered!):

    "Most men are like eggs, too full of themselves to hold anything else."


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