Flash Fiction: Senses

Flash Fiction: Senses

Lisa Andel’s rules:
Topic: Must include one of the five senses — taste, touch, sight, sound, or smell. Even if you just name your character “Smelly Bob” it qualifies.
Length: 100 words

A sharp tap on the nose woke Bandit.

“Wake up and smell the dragon dung. Time to rise!”

The words rang like a church bell, and he’d have protested had it not been for the slicing pain in his skull. His mouth tasted of cotton, and his eyes felt welded shut. The hay beneath him pricked and itched his skin in places he dared not contemplate.

Bandit pried open a crusted eye, the light like a knife. “What happened?”

“Too much grog as usual, and I think you’ve angered the wizard.”


“Well, my furry friend, you’re no longer human.”

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