Items in My Bedroom

Items in My Bedroom

One of my resolutions this year is to sketch an average of at least one still-life a day. By “still-life” I mean an actual physical model in the real world sense … because I don’t do enough realistic sketches, too often drawing from my own imagination instead. So far, I’m keeping up with my resolution. I skipped a few days but made up for it yesterday and today. Unfortunately for me, however, I don’t have a whole lot of interesting items around me, and I’m stuck with drawing rather mundane things.

Below are my sketches this year so far:

Four Sketches

Four More Sketches

I wonder if I can keep this up the entire year without ever having to draw something more than once. At least it will give me a pretty good inventory of everything I own, and if I decide to post a few sketches every once in a while, I can find out if the drawings actually look like anything to anyone besides me and H.E.

So tell me, can anyone guess what the items above are? The bottom right item on the second page might be difficult for some, but I’m guessing Minnie, Nikki, and Dave would know, as they all have had something like it in their possession.

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8 thoughts on “Items in My Bedroom

  1. I’ll give it a try…

    (1st page) Chair, webcam, space heater, dresser with TV/VCR/DVD

    (2nd page) Kleenex box, shoes, box of snowmen candy, and what I think is a mailing tube.

  2. Oh! Aren’t the snowmen sinfully delicious? And it looks like you need a trip to Ikea for a new dresser/TV console! LOL

  3. Zee is correct! That’s a little massager H.E. and I bought at Walgreens.

    And Paige! The snowman I ate was wonderful (as I’m sure you know, lol), but I regretted eating it immediately. Not for reasons you’d think, though. I wanted to take a photo of them all first because they were just so cute! 🙂

    As for the chest of drawers, I’ve had it since I was a child, and it’s beat to hell. I definitely need new furniture.

  4. Might I add, that “entertainment center” of yours is a disaster waiting to happen! I hope it doesn’t fall on your head! I’m freaked out just looking at it!!

  5. LOL, when H.E. set that up I felt the same way. I eyed the ensemble and said, “What if they all fall down?” So he’s been thinking about getting me furniture to replace all that for a long while now.

    From bottom to top, it’s the TV, the VCR, the cable box, the DVD player, and on the left a cable switch, and on the right … not sure what that thing on the right is, actually.

  6. Yeah, I ate one, it was soo sweet but so good. Mr. B and #2 ate the rest, little piggies! LOL.

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