Mork and Mindy Live Here

Mork & Mindy Live here: our miniature deer

This one’s worth more than a thousand words I’m sure. Need I really say them all here?

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3 Responses to Mork and Mindy Live Here

  1. Davezilla says:

    Why am I picturing the owners with matching sweaters tied loosely around their necks?

  2. April says:

    Zee, noooooooooooooo! lol. Okay, I’ll say a few. That sign was at a yard where there was a menagerie of rusted metal animals — a gorilla, an elephant, a couple of deer, a moose, a rooster, a horse, and what all. I have proof!

    Dave, matching sweaters in Southern California? You must be thinking of the freaks in Detroit. :)

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