Photo Friday: Best of 2005

Photo Friday: Best of 2005



Actually, I still think the hummingbird photo I posted before is my personal best in 2005, but the two above are okay, too.

And here’s the hummingbird again, for an encore:


All photos were taken the day I walked around along the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.

Update: I decided to post a detail crop of the hummingbird…

detail of hummingbird

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7 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Best of 2005

  1. Thanks, Parl! I’m very proud of that shot. 🙂

    It was pure luck that the hummingbird flew close, just outside the path I was hiking, so it’s not at all like all those hummingbird photos I see that most people have, where there’s a feeder nearby and the shooter simply waited by it like a stalking paparazzi. It came at me really quickly, and without thinking I took three shots of it before it flew away. Very minimal cropping, too — the original has about 10% space around the bird, so he actually does nearly fill the frame. I’ll have to post a 100% view of his feathers some time. He was so fast, I still can’t believe I actually got the camera to focus on him.

  2. All 3 are very nice, but the second one is my favorite. Have you considered posting pictures on Flickr too?

  3. Thanks, Zee and Kami! And yep, I’ve considered Flickr. I have an account there, actually, but I haven’t really used it.

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