The Game of the Name

The Game of the Name

Last week a co-worker introduced me to Jennifer Lopez. He explained that she had worked for our company before and had decided to come back and help us out a little. Elated, I told her I was honored to meet her.

Then I asked her about the time she used to work for the company. Did she ever get a chance to meet John Kennedy, and did she ever work closely with Bruce Lee? I don’t remember if I ever got an answer to those questions. She probably thought I was being a complete ass.

My heart goes out to people like her, though. She must get a ton of jokes and bogus phone calls or post mail every single day. Every time she meets someone new, some smart ass who thinks he’s being original must try to make some witty remark that I’m sure she’s already heard a million times.

It makes me glad my mother decided to saddle me with two extra names; there’s at least a handful of women out there named April Martinez, but as far as i can tell none of them are famous, and even if they were all famous, so far I know of only one April Garnett E. Martinez. No other mother out there is crazy enough to combine such names.

But anyway, back to Jennifer Lopez….

Her butt is totally not as big in person as I thought it would be.

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