How To Make Celtic Knots in Illustrator

How To Make Celtic Knots in Illustrator

If you have Adobe Illustrator, and you liked How to Make Celtic Knots, the Quick and Easy Way, you might like this mini-tutorial. You will be amazed at how ridiculously easy it was to make the knots I previously posted here and there, and I will totally regret having given away this secret technique of mine.

Step One: Using the Pen tool, draw the paths that will make up the various threads in your Celtic knots and give them a stroke width of about 10 or 20 points.

Step Two: Once you have created your weave of knots with paths, select Object > Path > Outline Stroke to turn them into shapes.

Step Three: Select all the shapes and, using the Pathfinder tool, Divide them. At this time, you may want to give the shapes a stroke of another color and perhaps a width of about 2 points to help you see each “object” in the image.

Step Four: Using the Direct Selection tool (that would be the white arrow), select the three objects that make up any part of a thread that goes “over” another one. Then use the Pathfinder tool to Combine them.

Step Five: Use a radial gradient as Fill to give your finished image a 3D look, and voilà! You’re done.

See how easy that was? I will hate myself in the morning for sharing my special trick.

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