Fauxtography 102

Fauxtography 102

I had so much fun taking fauxtos for memes with my Cantoff PS6 digital crapera that I searched the net for more photo memes.

And guess what I found? I found three that are typically grouped together on participants’ blogs—Theme Thursday, Photo Friday, and Saturday Snapshots.

I’m a little late in the game, and I’m not that great a fauxtographer (I need some tips and tricks, people!), but I finally decided to post my take on last week’s assignments:

Theme Thursday: LightPhoto Friday: CandySaturday Snapshots: Coffee

Rather boring fauxtos, aren’t they? See, I told you I wasn’t that great a fauxtographer. Maybe I’ll do better this week if the assignments prove to be extra inspiring.

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8 thoughts on “Fauxtography 102

  1. Mmmm, coffee. Anything to do with coffee is always great. 😀

    I can’t wait till those AlienBBQ mugs are available online. I am so buying it.

  2. Perhaps I’m slow, but I just noticed what you do to your calendar. *poink*
    Only popping into this barbecue a month or two ago, I though it was just coincidence.
    April, you’re like an onion. No wait, a parfait! (Ogres are like onions)

  3. Such talent….wish I could put away my heavy cameras and work with something as fun as the PS6 Crapera, however, I simply don’t have your talent for visualization!

  4. again. awesome. look at the marketing push you already have on mugs! and aliens! let the shopping begin!

  5. hmm…i could go for some tomato soup right now…and crackers….gotta have crackers.

  6. If there’s even a small demand for mugs, I may just have to make them available. There seems to be a demand for soup and crackers, too, but I’m not sure how to ship that.

    Hmm… I’ll have to think about all this.

  7. Alien Barbeque is always enjoyable, always worthy of time taken.

    And, as for Pam’s soup and crackers, we could go together – you pay, I’ll deliver.

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