He Gazed at Me From Across the Room

He Gazed at Me From Across the Room

H.E. and I were waiting for our sushi dinners when I noticed a dark blonde guy sitting at another table across the aisle, staring at me with thoughtful dark eyes. I tried not to be conspicuous, so I quickly slid my gaze away, but after that first meeting of the eyes, I simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was he still staring at me?

I stole another look and found that the answer was yes.

That second glance told me a wealth of things, details I hadn’t noticed before—like that he was heartbreakingly cute and had gorgeous eyes with a dreamy look about them, as though I were a sugar plum dancing in his head and he wasn’t quite aware that the sugar plum was looking back at him for real. He paid no attention to the woman he was with, and she barely even noticed he was there. She was busy talking with someone else, and there he sat, just gazing at me. I filed all of that away in my head and tried to maintain a conversation with H.E., but I’d never been so distracted in my entire life.

God, he was cute.

I knew he was still staring at me, and when I glanced at him a third time, I lingered a little longer. I couldn’t believe his eyes, those great big limpid pools of darkness. You could totally get lost in them. I decided that, yes, he looked as though he was wondering what it would be like to talk with me. His thoughts were so apparent. I wonder what she’s like…

Before I knew it, dinner was ready, and so began the ritual pouring of the soy sauce over the wasabi, the snapping of the chopsticks and the squeezing of the lemons. I tried extra special hard to eat with dainty bites, but because I knew he was staring at me, I couldn’t open my mouth without being painfully aware that he was watching how I ate, and I kept thinking, why the hell is my rainbow roll so huge today? Oh, God, please don’t let me dribble soy sauce down my chin!

Finally, I couldn’t take it any more. When I slid my gaze towards him, I kept it there. I tipped my head a little and allowed a smile to come over me as I looked directly in his eyes.

He blinked once or twice and sat up straighter, as though taken aback, as though realizing that the woman at whom he’d been gazing was gazing back at him… and smiling!

One end of his mouth tipped up a bit, but he looked too shy to do much more. So I lifted my hand and gave him a tiny encouraging wave, just a small movement of my fingers really.

But H.E. didn’t miss it. He’d seen the guy, and he knew I was smiling at him. As I turned my attention back to dinner, he muttered, “I can always count on some guy making eyes at you any time I take you to a restaurant.”

I had just put a roll in my mouth, so all I could do was mumble a wide-eyed protest and hold up four fingers.

“Oh, excuse me,” H.E. said in a mocking tone, “it was four guys?”

I swallowed the roll hard and gaped at him. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to hit him. “No!” I held up my four fingers again. “The guy’s only four years old!”

And a very cute four-year-old he was, too. He couldn’t stop staring at me.

H.E. simply huffed and mumbled something about me choosing a younger man over him. But of course. A younger man. How typical.

As if.

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17 thoughts on “He Gazed at Me From Across the Room

  1. you spelled ‘blonde’ wrong. or maybe that is how you spell it the american way? i dunno

  2. Oops! I had a blonde moment there and actually spelled it the French way (singular male, it must be blonde without the -e, right?). Never mind that I’m not French.

    Thanks, shade! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll fix it right away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I was fooled (and initially a little surprised), but, now that I get it, Iโ€™m thinking of all the mind-meltingly-cute boys and girls who smile and laugh and cover their chubby little faces, and the goosh factor of my day has increased from Little-To-None to Potentially-Disgustingโ€ฆ*sigh*. Of course, all those adorable squishy bundles flirt with my husband tooโ€ฆ

  4. your average man has just about the same attention span as that four year old. and they both still dig farts and puppies and holes. and the ego hasn’t formed yet so they aren’t quite as fragile.

    of course you WOULD have to get him to bed by 8 and barney reruns would get awfully tiresome after a while.

  5. April dahhhling, that was truly fantastic.

    A story that was well worth reading for the smile brought on by the adorable ending.


  6. Found your site via ultramicroscopic, just wanted to say that I like the look of the site, very clean, crisp and uncluttered unlike so many today.
    Keep it up.

    James (England)

  7. Jimbo, so I’m up there with farts, puppies, and holes? Awesome!

    And Saen, Warren, and James… merci beaucoup!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Hey April, I noticed that your Renderosity gallery is no longer linked to from your main site. Is your gallery still out there?

  9. Hey April, I noticed that your Renderosity gallery is no longer linked to from your main site. Is your gallery still out there?

  10. Hey April, I noticed that your Renderosity gallery is no longer linked to from your main site. Is your gallery still out there?

  11. Yep! Still there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It just seemed a little redundant having a link to that and a link to http://art.aprilgem.com as well since I have many of the same pieces posted in both galleries. You can still get to my Renderosity gallery from the "about the site" page though. I haven’t managed to update that page yet.

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