Celtic Nut

Celtic Nut

I have a new obsession: celtic knots. The Celts were tall, vain, and prone to drinking. The Greek geographer Strabo once wrote of them:

“To the frankness and high spiritedness of their temperament must be added the traits of childish boastfulness and love of decoration. They wear ornaments of gold, torgques on their necks, and bracelets on their arms and wrists, while people of high rank wear dyed garments besprinkeld with gold. It is this vanity which makes them unbearable in victory and so completely downcast in defeat.”

The Irish are descended from the Celts, and they’ve inherited the love of drink and song from them. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon, and it usually involves a lot of drinking and singing.

Perhaps this is why I had the urge to create my own celtic knot today. Or perhaps I’m descended from Celts too.

Hey, don’t scoff. It could happen.

H.E., who is Irish, says that Filipinos are Irish too, in a way. Instead of potatoes the much shorter Filipinos eat rice, but like the Irish we are often poor, oppressed, and a bit downtrodden. We flee our home country and take refuge in America, and with our Catholic ways we buck like funny rabbits, populate entire cities, take civil jobs, and work very hard.

I can’t imagine going to a pub, drinking green beer, and shouting “Kiss me, I’m Filipina!” But celtic knots? Yes, I can do those—and very well, I might add. I mean, just look:

Celtic Nut
celtic knot one
celtic knot two

How much more perfect can my celtic knots be, huh?

Hm… will you look at that? I’ve just done a bit of boasting… like the Celts.

See? I told you. I have celtic roots.

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5 thoughts on “Celtic Nut

  1. Being of 100% Celtic ancestry, I LOVED this post! Your knotwork is really fantastic! Maybe Ill have you design my tatoo as well as the work you have done for my website! I have always wanted a Celtic knotwork tat, but didn’t know anyone who could draw them!

  2. Yeah, Dave… gotta cover up those green roots.

    Broch, I’m still new to making celtic knots, but I’d be honored to design your tat. 😀

    By the way, Stephanie makes great celtic knots. I was partly inspired by her own celtic knot work.

  3. I love the font, Suzanne! Your husband did awesome work creating the basic building blocks. You should totally get him to redo those as clean vectors, and you’d be all set.

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