Fauxtography 101

Fauxtography 101

All of last week I had bright yellow daffodils blooming by my bathroom sink. I wanted more than anything to take a photograph of them and then post it online, but I never did receive the digital camera I was hoping to get for Christmas. It’s a shame, too. I’ve wanted to start a little photoblog of sorts, most especially after the coming and going of the Photobloggies.

So this weekend, I finally caved in and got myself a Cantoff PS6 digital crapera. I spent all of Sunday afternoon taking pictures of the world around me and even managed to play with some of the photos fauxtos in Photoshop… you know, to make them a little artsy-fartsy in the same way a lot of people make their photos. I also took some fauxtos for the various photo memes I’ve noticed on the net, just for the heck of it.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of my best shots so far:

candid shotkitty pornMirror Project fauxto
Shadow Project fauxtoHi, Bob! Project fauxtoEnchanted Ceiling fauxto

Well, that’s about it for my first few fauxtos. If you have tips and tricks on how I can take better shots, or if you know of any other photo memes I should consider for my next fauxto shoots, please share them with me. Also, if any of you are thinking of getting the Cantoff PS6 digital crapera, I highly recommend it.

Thanks for viewing!

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14 thoughts on “Fauxtography 101

  1. OMG! April! You render me totally speechless. Does the genius never end????!!!! Kudos!

  2. I am, like, totally blown away. Serious, I was knocked at least 5 ft. from my computer monitor, and that is a feat in itself. Now, only if they actually made a camera that could create a caricature as a photo. Now that would be cool.

  3. How about a pair of shamrocks? Next post on Friday??? =-) I need to take up fauxtography! Great stuff as per usual April!

  4. Good idea, Broch! Now all I have to do is find some shamrocks. It’d be easier to paint them, I think; they’re very, very hard to find around here.

    As for taking up fauxtography, you could probably afford the newer model PS7.

  5. Thank you, dear Minnie! 😀

    And Broch? I totally misunderstood your comment about the shamrocks. Nope, that’s not what the calendar thing is. Sorry!

  6. Amazing stuff! I love it!

    And inspiring too! I’ll try to get pics to submit to the projects you’ve outlined this weekend now that I have a handy new digital cam.

    I wish I could be a sixteenth as creative as you though!

  7. Your genius knows no bounds. Thank you so much for the smile you put on my face. Great job with the pictures. 🙂

  8. Thanks, Kyle and GeekGrrl!

    To be modest, though, I have to admit that it’s mostly the crapera and not my fauxto-taking skills that allowed me to take such decent-looking shots. With the Cantoff PS6, I could leave the lens cap on, and it’d still look pretty good.

    I know, I know. I’m beginning to sound like a Cantoff PS6 digital crapera commercial. Can’t help it, though. They paid me to be their spokesperson.


  9. I need to get a Cantoff PS6!

    I have to wonder what Marketing was thinking, though, to call it a crapera when the fauxtos come out so well! It must be a problem with the translation into English, that’s all I can guess.

    Looking forward to more fauxtos now that they’ll be so easy for you to take!

  10. Vicki, I think you’re right about the translation into English. Also, I think the Cantoff is a knock-off of Canon. I could be wrong, though.

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