Saint Lazareth Shows Me the Money

Saint Lazareth Shows Me the Money

Money, money, money, money.

After lunch today, I showed Human Encyclopedia a dollar bill that was given to me as change the other day.

ST Lazareth Anyone / who Ree this bill will be bless with lots of money / If they write / This saying on 10 other Bills [sic]

Obviously, someone unaware of the laws regarding U.S. currency, or even of the rules of grammar and spelling, took it upon themselves to start some kind of chain letter on this poor dollar bill. The writing reads, “ST Lazareth Anyone who Ree this bill will be bless with lots of money If they write This saying on 10 other Bills [sic].”

H.E. shook his head. “If you have 10 other bills to begin with, then you’re blessed with a lot of money.” Anyway, I didn’t continue the chain and write on other dollar bills, but it seems as though I’m blessed regardless of that:

Later, we went to see a movie, and right after the movie, as the lights came on and the credits played, I spotted a bill on the floor across the aisle. H.E. got a nudge in the ribs from me as I pointed, and without saying a word, H.E. went over and picked it up. It turned out to be $40 and some change, and we found ourselves in an ethical dilemma.

Should we turn it in? Or should we keep it?

If the found money had amounted to only $1, we would have kept it without any qualms, but it was over $40. The person who dropped the money was already gone, and no one seemed to be coming back to look for it. Would he come back later and ask the management at the theater if any money was found? Better yet, if we gave it to the management and no one claimed it, would they keep the money? If so, does that mean we, who found the money in the first place, wouldn’t see that $40 again? Hmm…

Surely, the person who lost the money would discover the loss later, just as H.E. has done countless times. It’s some kind of karmic, cyclical phenomenon that money goes through daily. “I’ve lost forty or fifty dollars once,” H.E. said. “It just happens every now and then.”

I nodded sagely. “I’ve lost a twenty once when it fell out of my pocket.” Not only that, but I’m giving $50 away on my site. So perhaps it’s good karma coming back around to me.

We fell silent a moment. Then H.E. decided, “Okay. God has given us this money. Let’s go have dinner on Him at the Canaan Buffet.” So we did, and it was good.

I mean… what else can you do with found money except enjoy it, right? Or should I thank Saint Lazareth?

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18 thoughts on “Saint Lazareth Shows Me the Money

  1. I say look at the money as payment for deliberating on the morals of said situation.

    Nicely done.
    I don’t claim to have a fabulous set of morals myself but i can live vicariously can’t I?

    Google liked it as well. Have a looksee


  2. Wow! Thanks for the link, Saen. It looks like there are variations to the chain letter message. I liked this one:

    St Lazareth brings you good luck. Spread the good luck on by writing this message on 10 one dollar bills and sending them on their way.

    Also, it seems as though it really does bring good luck — only, it looks as though I didn’t have to write the message myself.


  3. That is incredible! Perhaps just a coincidence but an uncanny one that you should receive good luck on the same day that you find the dollar bill.


  4. I think you should have given the money to the management, asking them to return it to you if no one claimed it withing two days.

  5. Great idea. Now I feel guilty.

    Still, in a hypothetical sense, I would have done just that, but faced with the reality of it, I found myself considering other factors. Had the amount of money been more than $50, we would have done as you said or left our contact information with the management, but I’ve worked at a movie theater before, and I’ve seen some management keep things for themselves from lost and found; I wasn’t sure I’d see that money again even if no one claimed it. Since it was only $40-some (in Huntington Beach, that really isn’t much money; we spent over $30 once just to watch a movie with popcorn and drinks over by the pier) and the theater was already empty, we decided to enjoy the unexpected windfall instead.

    Considering that I’d been living hand to mouth for the past six years, it felt pretty good to have some extra money, but rest assured that if the money had been more than it was, I would have turned it in.

  6. I got a dollar with that on and never submit to chain anything because I figure superstition is lack of control.

    What the heck is St. Lazareth anyway? My Google search landed me here.

  7. I came upon one of these in Boulder, CO. Unluckily for me, I cursed the name of Lazareth and suffered a terrible fate. Within seconds I was a poor college student forced to spend this useless dollar on a sixth of a large steak fajita burrito when it could very easily hve

  8. I received a one dollar bill the other day, with this written on the face of the bill:
    Good Luck
    God Bless U.S.A.
    On the back of the bill, written all around the border in all upper case:
    Anyone who gets this bill will be blessed with money! If you write this on ten more bill
    Write on this bill
    And written across the ONE:
    Good Luck
    Write on bill
    USA (vehemently underlined)
    No mention of St. Lazareth. In fact, there is no St. Lazareth.




  12. I don’t know how this dollar thing works, but it has worked BIG TIME for my family, TWICE. The first time my mother-in-law gave my husband and me each one of these dollars back in Dec. 2001, my husband got an instant seat on a game show sponsored by our state lottery the day after we got our dollars. He ended up winning $183,000.00 on the show and set a record for winning the most money ever won in the initial round of play! ($33,000 out of a possible $34,000 in the first round, then $150,000 in the millionaire round.) Naturally, this money is long gone because we paid off our bills, shared with family and friends, and put a down payment on building a house. But a few weeks ago, my mother-in-law gave us each another St. Lazareth dollar (actually, it’s spelled St. Lozareth on my dollar so spelling doesn’t affect it) and the next day, we got an offer on our house that we had had on the market for 8 months – they offered full asking price and we made over $15,000 from it! I gave one of my friends a dollar with the verse last night and this morning, she won $72 in our weekly office pool! Granted, not a massive amount, but it was a blessing nonetheless. :)…Update: As I was typing this post, my friend that won the $72… just won a drawing in her department and she gets the rest of the day off today!!! (still getting paid, of course) How’s THAT for blessings?! I’m a believer!!!

  13. i noticed the writing on a dollar bill today that basically had the same message: "st. lazareth- anyone who recieves this bill will be blessed with lots of money if they rewrite this on 10 other bills"

    i’m wondering who st. lazareth is and my google search landed me here… interesting
    i have stumbled upon a whole community of people with a quest similar to I. 🙂

    what shall i do with this dollar bill? shall i submit to it’s stipulations..or perhaps simply hold onto it and keep it as a charm….. well regardless who the heck is st. lazareth???

    o ya…. does this thing only work for catholics?

  14. I happend to get one of the dollars with the same script and could not make out the name of the Saint of course I researched it online and like those before me here I am.
    I find a penny I pick it up. So I guess I will hold on to my Dollar. LA, CA

    Human Encyclopedia I think they are multiplying.

  15. Hey… yeah, I was just searching through my money and found another bill… it says, "St Lazeragth- anyone recieving this one $ bill will be blassed with wealth~Rewrite on 10 more $ bills.(sic) I honestly can not say I believe in this stuff, but it made me wonder, and kind of picked up my day. 🙂 I also found this site through Google. I’ll let you know if it works!

  16. Well people, here it is… a chance to test the wonders of this magical verse. I was asked to meet a friend of a friend.. with the friend… at a casino this evening. I have been holding on to one of these bills for some time. Partly because I am living overseas and US $ is of no use to me and partly because I was waiting for a good time to test it’s powers. I will admit I am a little skeptical, nonetheless I will try just about anything once. Cross your fingers and wish me luck. I will back with the results tomorrow.

  17. I too was unsure of how the lucky dollar bill thing worked as well considering that I have recieved quite a few before,though the never mention the writting on other bills to my knowledge,I was however on a trip to Nev. three years back. On the plane ride there I remembered that I did have one of my st. Lazareth dollars with me and decided to use this in the drawing for the dollar bag which everyone would put a dollar into and the winner one the dollar bag. The dollar with my inscription of Lucky One on the back with my seat number included won me a lot of money. If I remember it came close to $300.00. I later put this lucky bill back into circulation and have forgotten about st.Lazareth until this day. A New Nev. trip is schedualed for next week and St. Lazareth and I will be on it. Thanks again for the words to write on my dollar bills.
    Sincery yours,
    Stacie King

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