Couples Facebook Meme

Couples Facebook Meme

Silly memes pop up on Facebook every now and then — the copy and paste kind that encourages people to answer a bunch of questions revealing more about themselves or whatever. One popped up recently for Valentine’s Day, and naturally, it’s designed for couples.

I decided to participate this time, and now I’m sharing it on this blog. Here is what I posted:

In honor of Valentine’s Day, all married, engaged or dating couples: Make this your status and answer honestly.

Who’s oldest? Me. Sox is only 7 or so.
Who was interested first? We were both lovestruck at the same time. It was love at first sight.
Same high school? No. Sox didn’t even go to school.
Most sensitive? Sox. If he steps on me, I’m fine, but if I step on him, jeez, so sensitive!
Worst temper? Sox. We’re both pretty mellow, but he bites me if I push him too far. Do I bite him? No.
More social? Me. He stays in the house all day.
Hardest working? Me. I pay the bills. [and he sleeps away most of the day!]
Most stubborn? That’s a toss up.
More sarcastic? Sox. Obviously.
Who makes the most mess? Sox. I don’t crap in a box of sand like he does.
Wakes up first? Sox, to my misfortune.
Bigger family? I’m pretty sure Sox had more brothers and sisters than I do.
Who cooks the most? Me. Sox does the dishes.
Who cries more? That’s a toss up.
Better singer? That’s another toss up.
Hogs the remote? Me. Sox prefers to read.
Better driver? Me. Sox would rather Uber.
Better cook? Me. Sox would eat his prey raw if it weren’t for me.
Spends the most? Me. But I shop for Sox too.
How long have you been together? 7 years or so? I don’t know. Best relationship I’ve had though.

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