Bird … in Yet Another Effing Sunset

Gull in yet another effing sunset.

Today is H.E.’s birthday, so we’re going out this afternoon to take photos.

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4 Responses to Bird … in Yet Another Effing Sunset

  1. parl says:

    Happy Birthday to H.E… I hope you two have a grande photo adventure today. That’s something I feel well overdue for.

    As effing as it may well be, that’s a lovely bit of sunset colour.

  2. April says:

    Thanks, Parl. And actually, H.E. canceled the photo adventure in favor of other things. So no new photos to show today — just old stuff from my archives.

  3. Cousin Zee says:

    Happy birthday, cousin’s squeeze! :)

  4. Broch says:

    Happy Birthday H.E.!

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