Secret Message #7: Knot So Secret

Secret Message #7: Knot So Secret

I feel generous tonight. You already know what the secret message is, and you know it has something to do with that other entry. So rather than just hide the Cracker Jack prize as an Easter Egg that may or may not be found, I’m posting this as a free-for-all. If you use Illustrator or Freehand, this one’s for you:

Illustrator (.ai) files of a few celtic knots that I created when I got bored.

Circle Knot
.sit (72k) / .zip (71k)

Blade KnotLeather KnotSunflower Knot
.sit(38k)/.zip(41k) | .sit(47k)/.zip(51k) | .sit(37k)/.zip(39k)

Why am I giving these away, original vector-based files and all? Because I’ve done so many of these now that I can do them in my sleep. These few designs are just a drop in the bucket for me, so dig in. My treat.

By the way, if you change the fill color to black and the stroke color to white, they make great tattoo designs as well. Play around with them. If you do anything neat with them, let me know. I’d love to see.


In other news: If you’re a regular visitor at Davezilla, Freak Watcher’s Textbook, and Fucked Weblog, you’ll soon notice that the sites are all down. Dave’s ISP gave new meaning to incompetence, so he’s shopping for a new ISP and planning on getting back online in a week. As it happens, Leaking Brain Fluid and Tamityville are down too, since Nikki and Tami Jo were on the same server. So… Murphy Days abound in Netville. In the meantime, you might actually have to go outside and get a little sun. ‘Bout time anyway; you’re looking a little pale.

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3 thoughts on “Secret Message #7: Knot So Secret

  1. Sun?


    I was in the sun. Of course then my week in California ended and i have returned to Vancouver and it’s rain.
    Oh well, it was nice while i had the chance to enjoy it, and yes April, to answer your question, i was in California. Monolith, CA for most of it as that was where i was teaching and then only Venice Beach this afternoon for a nice walk on the beach and lunch.
    (of course all good things come to an end and i had to zoom back to LAX to catch my flight home.)

  2. April! Awesome fun and such generosity must be rewarded.
    Working on a treat for you!

    ; )

  3. To think, Saen, you were an hour drive from me.

    Pam… I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with them. 😀

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Comments are closed.